Thankful for Beltway mall business owner -- Gazette.Net


For approximately 10 years, our family has had the pleasure of knowing Harold Wiggins, “The Hankie Man,” as our daughter, Michele, calls him. He is the owner of Gift World at Beltway Plaza Mall.

Michelle is a beautiful young lady, 39 years old, and has cerebral palsy. Michele loves to go to the store, and her favorite items to purchase are bandanas, any color, shape or style, and “The Hankie Man” has exactly what she’s looking for!

This was the start of a long-lasting friendship between Michele and Harold.

He always stops by to say “Hi” when we’re at the mall, and he always lets Michele pick out some bandanas. When I tell Harold she doesn’t need anymore, that she has “bins full” of his beautiful bandanas, he doesn’t hear me! Michele just smiles with excitement when, yet again, “The Hankie Man” has given her a special gift.

Last winter, we were out in the cold, trying to get into the mall as quickly as possible. It takes time to get her wheelchair set up, to belt her in and get her inside the store. Although she was all bundled up, she got very cold.

Once inside, “The Hankie Man” was sitting outside his shop. We stopped to say “Hi,” and he shook Michele’s hand and noticed how cold she was, so he instantly pushed her into his shop. He pulled out leg warmers, not one pair, but two. Then, although she had a hat, he got her another one because it was warmer — and more bandanas!

“The Hanky Man” will never take “No” for an answer!

I can never repay this special man for all the kindness and joy he brings Michele.

Michele’s birthday was July 15, and my purpose in the mall that day was to purchase birthday gifts for her. “The Hankie Man” spotted us. Now, all three of us are on a mission: Harold has to find the largest chocolate chip cookies in the mall ... and he did! We went back to his shop so Michele could eat a cookie before we left, and that she did.

And [she received] another bandana!

Thank you, Hankie Man.

Charles and Dianna Hall, Berwyn Heights