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Reston Limousine will be offering a new Silver Line shuttle that will provide service for businesses and communities to and from any of the new Silver Line Metro stops.

Kristina Bouweiri, president and CEO of Reston Limousine, said that some companies that already do business with them are looking into the expanded service.

“They’ve asked us to come up with a revised schedule with a stop at the Silver Line,” said Bouweiri. “Then I have other clients who have just called up and said ‘OK we want to know what this is going to cost if we want to hire you to do to an employee shuttle.”

The service is advantageous for companies that want to provide better access to public transportation for their employees. It will also make it easier for them to hire additional employees from the D.C. and Maryland areas, who might otherwise avoid a job in Northern Virginia because of transportation difficulties.

Reston Limousine has prepared about 40 proposals for clients looking into employee shuttles, although Bouweiri said she’s still unsure how many will turn into contracts.

“There’s a lot of interest,” Bouweiri said.

Providing shuttle service to Metro stops is nothing new for Reston Limousine. They have previously provided service for companies to and from Metro stops in Alexandria, Tysons Corner and D.C.

“We’ve been shuttling people to the Metro for 24 years in other parts of the city,” said Bouweiri. “What’s great about the Reston stop is we’re now going to be able to do it at home.”

Reston Limousine has already started advertising its new shuttle services.

“We wrapped one of our vehicles in a big ad advertising the Metro shuttle and that’s brought in quite a few inquiries,” said Bouweiri.

Reston Limousine has been anticipating an increase in business due to the Silver line since its announcement, and last year started seriously planning to coordinate their services with the opening of the new line.

“We always knew when this Metro stop opened it would bring us a lot of business,” Bouweiri said.

The Silver Line and accompanying shuttles will allow Reston Limousine as well as other companies along the Dulles Corridor to increase their hiring pool and make it easier for employees that do not own their own car.

“It’s really hard to recruit employees to work for me because my office is in Northern Virginia,” said Bouweiri. “So if you wanted to work for Reston Limousine you’d have to have your own car. Not everybody can afford to own a car to get to work.”

The Silver Line, however, has changed that, allowing businesses to recruit from as far away as D.C. and Maryland.

“I can recruit and attract more employees because now they can take the subway to get to my office,” said Bouweiri. “That’s going to allow us to tap into the workforce that’s in DC; that’s in Maryland and beyond so that’ll be awesome.”

Bouweiri said Reston Limousine will also be looking forward to the completion of Phase 2 which will allow it to increase business even further.

“We’re very excited about Phase 2,” Bouweiri said. “I think it’s gonna bring a lot more business growth to the area which will be great for us.”