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A Lusby man faces 10 charges surrounding the alleged sexual solicitation of a 12-year-old girl earlier this year.

Michael Jay Williams, 19, although 18 years old at the time of the incidents, is charged with six child pornography charges in addition to two counts of sexual solicitation of a minor and other charges after exchanging more than 2,000 messages with the victim in February and March, according to charging documents.

Williams allegedly contacted the victim over text messages, Facebook and Kik, a mobile instant messaging application. Williams allegedly initiated contact with the victim through a Facebook friend request and a message, according to charging documents.

The victim responded, stating she was only 12 years old and if Williams was older than 15 he should leave her alone, the documents state. The next day, the victim allegedly received more messages from Williams, asking her to provide her usernames on Kik and Instagram, which the victim provided. After receiving sexually explicit messages and pictures from Williams, the victim blocked him, only to receive more messages from a new username with the display name of Mike Williams. The victim asked Williams to leave her alone and turned off her phone after he reportedly began asking her about sex.

Williams allegedly retrieved the victim’s phone number from her Skype account and began sending her explicit text messages and regularly switched between messaging the victim on Kik and through text message. The messages included requests for nude photographs of the victim. When the victim refused, Williams allegedly became angry and started to reference rape in his comments, according to charging documents.

The victim indicated she eventually gave in and provided photographs Williams requested, and Williams allegedly continued to request specific kinds of images, and the victim complied. At one point when the victim did not comply with Williams’ requests, he allegedly told her he would tie her down, making comments about rape, charging documents state.

On March 1, a family member of the victim took the victim’s phone and sent several messages to Williams acting as the victim, attempting to find out who Williams was. On March 4, Williams allegedly sent several messages to the victim, stating he wanted nothing to do with her because she is too young, he has a fiancé and he only loved her as a friend, and asked her to leave him alone. He also said it was not him sending the messages on Kik.

On March 26, Det. M. Mudd executed a search and seizure warrant at Williams’ Lusby home and seized several items, including Williams’ cellphone. A forensic search was conducted on the phone, resulting in the retrieval of messages and images.

In the messages, investigators also found Williams allegedly would threaten to do harm to himself by indicating he had a gun when the victim refused to send him a photo. On 10 occasions, Williams allegedly sent sexual photos of himself to the victim, speaking in “graphic detail” of the acts he would perform on the victim and threatening to tie her up and rape her, charging documents state.

Although initially minimizing his role in the events during a March 26 interview with Mudd, Williams confessed to propositioning the victim for sex with the knowledge she was 12 years old and asking her to send pictures of herself, according to charging documents.

Williams’ initial court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 4.