School’s out! But everyone tells you to keep reading during the summer, right?

1. A Montgomery school board committee is recommending limitations to meal reimbursements for school board members, among other changes regarding board members’ credit cards and expenses.
2. The Washington Post reported that Maryland state prosecutors are investigating Montgomery school board members’ expense records.
3. A top Montgomery County Public Schools official said she will reimburse the school system for two bags costing about $486 that she purchased with a system-issued credit card.
4. A work group that looked into why a large number of public school students failed high school math finals said in a report it thinks the school system should take a variety of measures to help improve teachers’ instruction and students’ motivation.
5. The state board of education upheld the right of students at a Silver Spring facility to attend a local public school.
6. Montgomery College celebrated its Science East building renovation that added new classrooms and labs among other spaces.
7. The last of the county’s graduation ceremonies sent off this year’s graduates, including those for Richard Montgomery and Walt Whitman high schools.
8. Construction delays caused added stress for Sherwood High School students headed for their exams.
9. Miriam Gardsbane, a fifth-grader at Sandy Spring Friends School, came up with a creative way to raise more than $1,000 for an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

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