Note to readers -- Gazette.Net


Dear readers,

You may have noticed some changes in your newspaper lately.

The Gazette built its loyal readership by providing news and information about neighborhoods, schools, businesses and communities, and as the media industry has evolved, we realized we must return to these roots in a meaningful way. Over the last several months, we’ve refocused on publishing extremely local community news. As part of the changes we’re implementing, beginning June 18, The Gazette will be consolidated from eight editions to five in Montgomery County. All five will feature much more content specific to the communities we serve.

As we increase the number of newsstand locations to make sure The Gazette is available in high-traffic public locations, we will discontinue home delivery in some areas of the county, including Damascus, Poolesville, and parts of Olney and Potomac. Other homes may begin receiving a different edition of The Gazette. Our five editions in Montgomery County will continue to be a mix of home delivery and newsstand delivery to meet the needs of our readers and advertisers.

If you no longer find the newspaper at the end of your driveway, you may choose to have it delivered to your mailbox by subscribing for $29.99 a year. Of course, you can still pick up The Gazette free at supermarkets, drugstores, libraries and many other convenient locations. Beginning June 18, to subscribe or to find the paper free near you, visit Gazette.Net, where you can also view the print editions free online.

As The Gazette stands committed to being a trusted provider of community news and advertising in Montgomery County, we rely on you, our loyal readers and advertisers, to let us know how we’re doing. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.


Karen Acton

CEO, The Gazette