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I usually enjoy reading what my friend Blair Lee writes, even if I frequently disagree with much of it. But his May 5 column (“Missing Persons Report”) was over the top.

Blair attacks Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown for attending his stepson’s confirmation at St. Mary’s Catholic Church instead of participating in a debate sponsored by several Democratic clubs.

C’mon Blair! The lieutenant governor is raising this young man whose father, Tony Walker, a Prince George’s County police officer, died in the line of duty. The young man lives with the lieutenant governor (his stepfather) and his mother, Karmen Walker Brown, the lieutenant governor’s wife.

So the lieutenant governor should have skipped his stepson’s confirmation to attend a Democratic forum? Really? Let’s get some perspective here: stepfather and stepson will look back years from now and say they are glad they put family and Church first.

Tim Maloney, Silver Spring


I’m not accustomed to hearing from people of your stature. Most of my critics are loopy liberals long on rhetoric and short on logic. You, however, I’ve respected since 1978 when, just out of college, you were elected to the House of Delegates, became a powerful subcommittee chairman and would have been Speaker if you’d only abandoned your pro life beliefs (that’s what I admire most).

You went to night law school, quit the legislature and became one of Maryland’s most influential and connected insiders, confidant of governors and a brilliant trial attorney.

And, like a brilliant attorney, you slyly recast Brown’s debate brush-off into a stepfather’s higher calling to church and family. I almost wept until I realized that wasn’t the issue at all. Brown agreed to this debate months beforehand, lots of folks (including me) worked hard in preparation, more than 100 people drove through a monsoon to attend and Brown, at the last minute, blew it off blaming his staff for a schedule mix-up.

Sorry, Timmy, I don’t buy it. Brown’s campaign is a big-time operation which leads in the polls, money, ads and endorsements, handily sabotaged Gansler and is the only governor’s campaign whose volunteers have telephoned me and knocked on my door. Also, Brown’s sophisticated computer modeling ties together vast amounts of data to micro-target specialized voter groups. Matching this digitally targeted data with YouTube’s user lists allows Brown to email customized messages to computer-selected voter groups. Heck, Brown even has his own make-up artist traveling with him. And you want me to believe Brown’s campaign is so dysfunctional that it didn’t notice Brown’s schedule conflict until the day before? Impossible.

Instead, Brown’s no-show fits a pattern of blow-offs including last week’s WBFF TV debate, “Brown skipped the event with a lame explanation about this encounter (debate) exceeding the three debates campaigns had agreed on”, editorialized the Baltimore Sun. Too bad, because in the May 7 TV debate he attended Brown did just fine.

If Anthony Brown figures he’s so far ahead that the election is over and all he has to do is lay low until Election Day, I understand. But, Timmy, let’s call it what it is, a political ploy, not a noble act of conscience.


Mr. Lee

I have been a medium-income employee of local government for 25 years, now retired on a very modest pension. I always drove used or inexpensive cars and took few expensive trips. My husband and I paid off our house and saved money so we could retire. We also spent within our means and never carried credit card debt.

As a result our net taxable wealth including our home, is over $1 million. We are not the 1 percent ultra wealthy. We always paid tons of taxes and we had no loopholes to take advantage of.

It absolutely galls me to hear quotes from (primarily Dems) about tax breaks for the “millionaires.” In the DC-area your home can easily exceed $500 or $750K.

In summary, we have definitely been planning to move out of Maryland, but if the exemption increase goes into law we may stay longer unlike most of my retired counterparts.

Heidi Sussman


You screwed up. Instead of living a frugal, modest life you should have copied our progressive governments — spend recklessly, borrow to the hilt, spend some more and, then, let your kids deal with the mess.

Instead you selfishly acquired wealth by working hard and saving. Don’t you understand that wealth and the people who earn it are evil? Haven’t you heard of “income inequality” and “Occupy Wall Street.” Why should your kids inherit your savings when the government has so many needs for it? Come on, Heidi, get with the program.



I saw my first Mizeur bumper sticker today. It is rather undistinguished and the print is so small one would have to be close to read it.

Jim Genthner


Was it on a Prius?