Gaithersburg man pleads guilty to robbing Kentlands Five Guys -- Gazette.Net


A Gaithersburg man has pleaded guilty to robbing a Five Guys restaurant in Kentlands after his girlfriend got fired.

On Friday, a Montgomery County circuit judge accepted Alvin Compres’ guilty plea to two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon. In accepting his plea, the judge has agreed to cap his sentence at 8 1/2 years in prison.

“We’re hopeful the judge will give him less than that,” Compres’ attorney, Andrew Jezic, said after the hearing.

The maximum penalty for the charge is 20 years. Sentencing is scheduled for August.

Montgomery County police said in court filings that Compres, 18, was a regular at the Five Guys at 653 Center Point Way, where his girlfriend, Brenda Marisol Cortez, was a manager.

But Cortez, 20, of Gaithersburg, was fired for stealing money, police said in court filings.

On Sept. 29, 2013, according to police, Compres and another person robbed the restaurant. Compres ordered workers into the back of the restaurant, ripped the phone lines from beneath the counter and took employees’ cellphones before making off with $1,500 in cash, police said in court filings.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter were waiting in the getaway car, police said in court filings. She pleaded guilty Tuesday to being an accessory after the fact.

Two other men were charged in the robbery.

Police alleged that Dennis Rivas-Membreno, 30, was the other robber. Rivas-Membreno was indicted in December on a charge of conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. A hearing on that charge and a separate conspiracy charge tied to a Germantown liquor store robbery in October is scheduled for Thursday in Circuit Court.

The lookout man during the robbery, Esau Melara-Santos, 30, of no fixed address, was also charged for his role in the Kentlands robbery and for the Germantown liquor store robbery. On Monday he received concurrent sentences of 18 months in jail for those offenses.