Some Sherwood High seniors might miss prom -- Gazette.Net


Some Sherwood High School students and parents are feeling like some seniors got stood up for prom — by their school.

Students waiting in line Friday to buy senior prom tickets at the Sandy Spring school were told all 450 tickets had been sold, leaving some seniors and their dates without access to the event at the National Aquarium in Baltimore scheduled for April 26.

Senior Michael Sky Geary said he was one of the students in line on the final day the $95 tickets were on sale and heard the bad news.

“I turned around and saw a lot of faces I knew [in line],” he said.

Geary said he is “outraged.”

Dottie Corsillo said her son was also one of about 100 students in line on Friday who didn’t get tickets for himself and his girlfriend.

“Her mom spent all this money on a dress,” she said.

The tickets were on sale for about three weeks.

Nearly 500 seniors attend the high school, according to Montgomery County Public School’s 2013-14 Schools at a Glance report.

The Gazette reached out by phone to Sherwood Principal William Gregory on Friday afternoon but did not receive a response. The school system is on spring break this week.

According to an email one parent received, a school official said that fewer than 400 students traditionally attend the high school’s prom and the school saw an increase in student interest this year.

The official said in the email the school was hopeful the prom caterer might be able to provide more tickets.

Corsillo said that, as of Friday, about 100 students were on a waiting list.

“It’s gonna ruin it for these kids for the end of the year,” she said. “We’re just very disappointed.”

Geary said his then-junior class picked the aquarium venue last school year but he had not heard then that tickets would be limited.

Michael Geary, Michael Sky Geary’s father, said he thinks the school should have exercised more oversight of the student’s venue choice and planned to accommodate more students, taking into account that not all seniors take another senior to the dance.

“My response is they have to plan for the maximum number of kids that can potentially go,” he said.

Parents have been told to expect more answers after spring break. Montgomery County students return to class April 21.

“A lot of parents are really upset,” the elder Geary said.