School SnapShot, Overcrowded Schools: Cedar Grove Elementary School, Germantown -- Gazette.Net


Number of students: 730

Current student capacity: 422

Number of students over capacity: 308

Percent over capacity: 73

Number of portable classrooms: 7

Total MCPS elementary school portable classrooms: 338

Student/instructional staff ratio: 19

MCPS average elementary school instructional staff ratio: 11

School’s average class sizes: 25.5 (Kindergarten); 24.7 (grades one to three); 28.9 (grades four and five)

MCPS elementary school average class sizes: 19.6 (kindergarten); 20.7 (grades one to three); 24 (grades four and five)

Year school was built: 1960

Year renovated/modernized: 1987

Principal’s take: Cedar Grove Principal Lee Derby said the extra students meant the school needed to convert five rooms, such as the staff lounge, into general classrooms at the beginning of the school year.

“The kids don’t have a problem with it at all,” he said. “They don’t even notice.”

The school also received three portable classrooms in October, he said, which allowed the school to use some of the converted classrooms for other uses again.

Cedar Grove’s staff also grew by six new positions this school year, Derby said.

Arrival and dismissal of students can also be “a little bit hectic,” he said, but the students are well-behaved and follow the rules.

The school has also held events at the nearby middle school rather than at Cedar Grove, which Derby said has not impacted “attendance or enjoyment.”

Data for 2013-14 School Year