The state’s legislative session concluded without extra construction dollars for Montgomery, but with a new law to expand prekindergarten services. The achievement gap also reared its head in several forms this week.

1. Maryland passed a law creating a grant program for public and private prekindergarten providers.
2. Gov. Martin O’Malley promised a study of alternative financing methods for school construction.
3. The Washington Post reported that achievement gaps between the county’s high-poverty and low-poverty schools have increased.
4. Students at Fallsmead Elementary School in Rockville tried their minds at the new state assessment.
5. County students are planning a march to close the achievement gap.
6. Montgomery College will implement a range of measures to close its achievement gap.
7. The new Clarksburg elementary school is seeking bids for a child care program.
8. School SnapShot: Cedar Grove Elementary School in Germantown is 73 percent over capacity. 9. Two Tilden Middle School students are Best Buddies in and out of school.

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