House of Cards, Eminent Domain, and the Ghost of Bob Irsay (Red Maryland/Brian Griffiths) -- Gazette.Net

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House of Cards, Eminent Domain, and the Ghost of Bob Irsay

One of the biggest and most controversial issues that has faced the General Assembly this legislative session has been tax credits for television and film production. The major player in all of this of course is House of Cards, whose production team has been pulling out all of the stops in an effort to extend and expand the tax credit.

Delegate Bill Frick, with [his] profound respect for property rights, snuck an amendment into the tax credit that actually allows the state to seize the assets of production companies that leave the state:...

It’s interesting of course that the House of Delegates railroaded this amendment to the tax credit through this particular week....

Thirty years ago today [March 29], residents of Baltimore found themselves heartbroken. The dastardly Bob Irsay had [moved] their Colts out of town in the middle of the night .... And as my colleague Mark Newgent wrote about several years ago, one of the reasons that the Colts left when they did was because of the threat of ... eminent domain....

Bill Frick clearly does not know his history when it comes to the General Assembly attempting to abuse their powers in this area....