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Delaney’s bid for bipartisanship a noble effort

U.S. Rep. John Delaney, who represents the 6th District, was in Hagerstown last [month] touting a host of programs that would move the country forward and preaching a gospel that has been out of vogue for so long that it almost seems quaint: bipartisanship.

By label, Delaney is a Democrat, but his feet are firmly planted in what is generally considered the Republican world of high finance. So he has been comfortable picking and choosing the best ideas from both parties, and has refrained from becoming mired in political sniping so common in today’s Washington.

Freed of the shackles of anger-politics, Delaney seems blessed with the vision to, as he says, identify what government does well and do more of that, and also identify what government is not any good at and get it out of the way....

Few in Washington anymore seem to remember that politics is not about self; politics is about helping the people. Yet it has become not only acceptable but applauded to openly cause public suffering in order to score meaningless political points or perpetuate a political grudge....

Gridlock and rancor has been with us for too long; we prefer Delaney’s course far better.