Relocate Bladensburg cross and put it ‘in more caring hands’ -- Gazette.Net


As one of the individual plaintiffs in the Bladensburg cross lawsuit, I’d like to make it plain that nothing in our action dishonors veteran sacrifices, despite a common statement otherwise. After all, we wholly support the purely secular war memorials on public land across the street.

But the cross is a Christian cross, not a mere “geometric shape” like a plus sign. At its dedication in 1925, it was declared “symbolic of Calvary,” the site of Christ’s sacrifice. Moreover, when illuminated at night, its character as a war memorial isn’t readily clear as it broadcasts to the casual motorist Maryland state preference for the Christian faith above all others. Ask a non-Christian.

Should it be torn down then? No. I would rather see it moved to church property. It has historic and artistic value. And I trust the faithful to do a better job preserving it than the state of Maryland. Signs of deterioration are clearly visible that haven’t been addressed.

So I anticipate that, if our lawsuit succeeds, the Bladensburg cross will not only be saved, but placed in more caring hands and in a location allowing people to read the memorial plaque without having to illegally and unsafely cross a busy traffic interchange.

Fred Edwords, Greenbelt