Capitol Heights man found not guilty in 2011 double-homicide -- Gazette.Net


This story was updated at 4:15 p.m. March 26, 2014.

A Prince George’s County jury found a Capitol Heights man not guilty of first degree murder in connection with the May 2011 deaths of two men who were killed in Capitol Heights.

Kenan A. Myers, 27, was found not guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and 18 other charges on March 25 for the deaths of Anthony McKelvin, 28, of Suitland, and Sean Ellis, 24, of District Heights, who were killed in May 2011 during a kidnapping and robbery, according to the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors alleged that Myers was an accomplice to Brian Mayhew, 22, who was convicted in McKelvin and Ellis’ murders and other related charges in February, according to the county state’s attorney’s office.

McKelvin and Ellis were found shot to death and covered in bleach and gasoline, according to prosecutors. Prosecutors also alleged that Myers helped Mayhew cover up the crimes by dousing the dead men in bleach and gasoline to burn them, but neither man had matches or a lighter.

Myers’ attorney, Thomas C. Mooney, said Myers was “stoic” about the results of the case. The evidence in the case was circumstantial with witnesses that lacked credibility and a lack of hard evidence, such as DNA or fingerprints, Mooney said.

“That was the verdict [Myers] expected,” Mooney said. “[The verdict] wasn’t a total surprise based on the evidence presented.”

Myers was not immediately available for comment Wednesday.

“We’re disappointed with the verdict,” said John Erzen, a spokesman for the county state’s attorney’s office. “We thought we put on a good case, but obviously the jury felt differently. ...We would never put witnesses on the stand that we didn’t think were credible.”

Myers spent about three years in jail as there were multiple continuances in the case, Mooney said. Nicoh Mayhew, Brian Mayhew’s uncle, allegedly helped cover up the crime by bringing gasoline and bleach to the crime scene. Nicoh Mayhew was set to testify against Myers and Brian Mayhew, but he was shot and killed in December 2012 in Seat Pleasant, according to police.

Nicoh Mayhew’s death pushed the court case back, Mooney said.

Prosecutors allege that Brian Mayhew orchestrated his uncle’s killing from prison, and he is awaiting trial for Nicoh Mayhew’s death. He also is awaiting sentencing for his February conviction, according to prosecutors. He faces life in prison without parole.