There’s been a flurry of news surrounding Montgomery schools this past week:

1. Maryland school districts are allowed to ask for a five-day waiver from the state following a snow-heavy winter, but Montgomery is sticking to its current four-day request.
2. Montgomery schools have decreased the number of suspensions — but African American and Hispanic students are still suspended more than their white peers.
3. More chicken breasts and vegetables: the Montgomery County Council and local advocates are pushing for healthier foods in the county school system.
4. Montgomery County officials are feeling handcuffed by a state mandate on school funding.
5. Montgomery County executive candidate Douglas M. Duncan has pledged to bring back the Brickyard Educational Farm to the Brickyard property in Potomac.
6. Students hosting a gubernatorial forum at the Universities at Shady Grove got stood up by all but two candidates.
7. Rock Terrace School’s acting principal has become its permanent principal.
8. Montgomery College’s president says the school needs more county funds to staff a new bioscience center and add full-time faculty.
9. Clarksburg High School Principal James Koutsos plans to take on the president position at the county’s school administrators union.
10. Montgomery High School students networked with area business professionals.
11. reported a state survey showed that many teachers and principals are only somewhat or not at all familiar with the Common Core State Standards.

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