Green church to hold annual mulch sale -- Gazette.Net


Church of the Brethren in University Park will hold its annual mulch sale starting at 8 a.m. on March 29 and April 5.

The environmentally-friendly church, known for being one of the first houses of worship in the area with a solar panel roof, sells around 2,400 bags of mulch each year, said Pastor Kim McDowell.

“We are very well aware that the communities around us are people who value both the beauty and the stewardship of their properties, so they like to add nutrients to the soil,” McDowell said. “We were just aware this is something that would be appreciated.”

The church has been holding an annual mulch sale for more than 15 years, and uses the proceeds to offset the cost of youth programs and special projects, McDowell said. While the mulch is not necessarily cheaper than what could be purchased at a garden store, the church offers free delivery in University Park, which appeals to many residents, McDowell said.

“Everybody brings whatever truck or vehicle they can find and we send crews out to the houses,” she said. “People like that it comes right to their driveways.”

Residents from across the county are welcome to call 301-864-4328 to reserve their bag of mulch at $3.50 a bag. McDowell said she recommends making a reservation because there are not many bags left on the day of the sale.

“Usually we have some left, but it’s often gone really quickly,” she said. “The earlier [you call] the better.”