Berwyn Heights, Greenbelt collaborate on rain barrel workshop -- Gazette.Net


Berwyn Heights and Greenbelt will partner with local environmental organizations to hold a Stormwater Solutions workshop on Saturday to teach residents how to decorate and install rain barrels and find out about Rain Check Rebate incentives.

The event will feature a series of presentations and activities about reducing polluted stormwater runoff, which washes from roofs, streets and other surfaces into nearby waterways.

Kristin Larson, a member of the Berwyn Heights Green Team and one of the event organizers, said around 50 community members have reserved tickets for the presentations, and she is expecting around 75 people to attend.

Larson said the event will be a practical way for residents to help improve water quality and reduce pollution.

“There is a lot of incentive right now in Maryland to reduce your environmental impact,” she said. “One of them is the new rain check rebates in Prince George’s County so this is an opportunity to learn about how you can purchase a rain barrel and receive your rebate. And it’s fun.”

Larson said she hopes Saturday’s event will be informative and inspiring.

“I hope people come to the presentations and learn about what they can be doing on their property to clean waterways in the area,” she said. “I hope that they actually take what they learn and turn that into action.”

The Stormwater Solutions Workshop will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Greenbelt Public Works Building, located at 555 Crescent Road in Greenbelt. Space is limited, but tickets are free and can be reserved at