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College Park author Renee Domogauer announced the release of a children’s book, “The Washington Oak Kittens” that she co-wrote with a friend, the late Lynne Hicks of Connecticut.

Domogauer said the book tells the story the 2003 fall of New Milford, Connecticut’s 300-year-old “Washington Oak,” a tree said to have sheltered George Washington and his men during the Revolutionary War, and a fictional cat, Sophie Katz, looking for a place to have her kittens and sheltering the Washington Oak. It is a blend of fact and fantasy.

Domogauer said she and Hicks began writing the book in 2004, but the project was put on hold when Hicks was diagnosed with breast cancer, from which she passed away in 2007.

Domogauer said she revived the book project to honor her 30-year-long friendship with Hicks.

“Lynne and I were convinced from the start that this charming story had to be told,” Domogauer said. “I’m sure she’d be proud of the book and thrilled that it can now be enjoyed by our friends and families, especially our grandkids, and children everywhere.”

The book is 23 pages, and illustrated by Katie Atkinson of Norfolk, Conn.

The book is available on Domogauer’s website,