Democratic activist seeks District 19 delegate seat -- Gazette.Net


Charlotte Crutchfield wants to go to the General Assembly to focus on education, jobs and employment, equality and senior issues.

She advocates for social justice and “revitalizing the economy in particular for working families.”

A resident of District 19 for more than 10 years, Crutchfield said this election is a historical one for her.

“I got a lot of roots in the community,” she said. “The Crutchfield family has been living in Montgomery County for over 100 years ... and I am proud of the name and the history behind.”

Among her top issues is mandated paid sick leave for workers.

“Coming from the perspective from a working parent,” she said, she thinks government officials “really need to find a way to help families to go to work when their children are sick.”

Schools need better infrastructure and they must provide better medical attention to children, she said. Her daughter has type 1 diabetes and needs an insulin shot four times a day.

“I had a real battle when it came time for her to go to high school,” said Crutchfield, a lawyer by training. “Through elementary school, I had worked with the principal; I had worked with teachers [and] in middle school I was able to do the same.

“Finally, when she was an eighth-grader ... it was really at that point when we needed to review once again and get her [individual education plan] to really just get things moving, and I was not able to get her a health plan,” she said. “That was really a very stressful situation for me not being able to take care of my child within the public school system.”

After her husband died, Crutchfield, 50, decided to stop working to always be available if her daughter needed her.

She believes in helping small and local businesses grow to create more jobs, and supports increasing the minimum wage, especially in Montgomery County.

“There is no way you can live without living on a salary that’s even actually above the minimum wage salary,” she said.

“My district in particular is made up of a lot of small business … We need to somehow be able to provide them with more tax credits. We need to think about enterprise zones,” Crutchfield said.

She has been involved with various Democratic Party clubs such as the Hispanic and the African-American Democratic clubs. She was elected in 2010 as District 19’s liaison to the Montgomery County Democratic Party.

She also has been a PTA president, served on the executive board of the Women’s Suburban Democratic Club and is still involved with the PTA’s executive board.

Crutchfield was an assistant state’s attorney in Montgomery County in 1991-92. She graduated from the Boston School of Law in 1989 and is a member of the Montgomery County Bar Association.

She has has raised about $21,000 for her campaign.

District 19 includes parts of Silver Spring north to Rockville and Gaithersburg. Of its three delegates — Democrats Bonnie Cullison, Benjamin Kramer and Sam Arora — Cullison and Kramer are seeking re-election.

Fellow Democrats Melodye Berry and Marice Morales also filed for the June 24 primary.