For lawmakers, there’s always room at the inn (Annapolis Capital) -- Gazette.Net







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For lawmakers, there’s always room at the inn

Being a state legislator may be a part-time job, but it has some nifty perks. Cutting them is never a popular cause at the State House, and we doubt state Sen. Allan Kittleman — who has other legislative irons in the fire, not to mention a campaign for Howard County executive — has a big emotional investment in his two bills to do so.

But we still give him credit for Senate Bills 421 and 845. The measures will at least earn Kittleman approving nods from all Marylanders who lack employers ready to pay for them to stay at hotels even if they live within 50 miles of the office — and then let them keep benefits racked up through those subsidized stays for their personal use.

Kittleman ‘s SB 421 would bar legislators who live within 50 miles of the State House from claiming the $101-a-day lodging allowance.... The bill would allow the chambers’ presiding officers to grant exceptions during the final two weeks of the session.

Kittleman’s SB 845 would bar legislators from collecting benefits from those long-term hotel stays....

Of course these bills aren’t going anywhere. But we agree with them in spirit....