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Bond Mill Elementary School students will perform a musical parody of Romeo and Juliet at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Kristen Ruiz, a Bond Mill technology teacher who has been directing the school’s musical productions for 10 years, said the students have been rehearsing since September.

“I always pick plays that a high school or a middle school would do because I always feel our children will rise to the occasion,” she said. “It is amazing what these kids do. It just blows me away.”

The musical, called Romeo and Harriet, is set in modern Manhattan, where the Montagues own an upscale apartment store and the Capulets own a discount store, Ruiz said.

Forty-two students are involved as actors and five as stage crew members, developing a final product that will include around 10 songs and last around two hours, Ruiz said.

Unlike Shakespeare’s original play, Romeo and Harriet has a happy ending, Ruiz said.

“They end up getting married in the end, they secretly get married of course, then the families go into business together,” she said. “Tybalt and Mercutio open a pie shop together.”

The performance is free to the public and will take place at Bond Mill Elementary School, located at 16001 Sherwood Ave. in Laurel.