We don’t need Berliner’s ‘green’ bills -- Gazette.Net


Who among us has time to stay on top of what the Montgomery County Council members propose to do with our hard-earned tax dollars? While the County Council plans to take up an 11-point “green legislation” [“Montgomery councilman issues package of environmental, energy bills,” Jan. 22], many of us live our lives unaware of what’s next that will be forced upon us by those elected to represent us.

While Councilman Reimer, Councilwoman Floreen and Councilman Berliner get to speak for all, they certainly don’t represent all who are out here. ...

I know I speak for over 50 members in my family alone ... and we want the council to know that we don’t support 11 new laws, nor do we agree that “this is certainly where Montgomery County wants to be” on energy issues.

I’m not an expert, but I’ve got common sense, and common sense tells me that if these were such great ideas, why would they have to be legislatively imposed upon the citizenry? We don’t want more laws or rules or regulations telling us how to build (apparently, now LEED certified isn’t even good enough?) or, God forbid, another county office — this one now called “Office of Sustainability” within the Office of Environmental Protection — thus further growing, guess what — the government! They are masters of “sustainability!”

Stop the expansion of the government into every aspect of life, building, growth. Halt the green movement, who advance their agenda relentlessly.

We’re all for common sense clean air/water — but the rain tax? On top of the flush tax? Will there be a “breathe air tax?”

Seriously, do developers and builders really need to be required to provide “x number” of electric vehicle charging stations? Do we really need a new telecommuting manager? Oh, I see — so the county employees who get paid anyways will now be able to sit around at home and still get paid — because, “this is where the county is headed.” It’s this self-licking ice cream cone that has me and other county residents fed up with the County Council! Why don’t they please come up with ways to put money back into our pockets? ...

Maureen Ruppert Whippen, Clarksburg