Clarksburg residents invited to town hall meeting Wednesday with County Council at Rocky Hill Middle -- Gazette.Net


Residents in Clarksburg will have a chance Wednesday night to talk to the County Council about local issues, including proposed development limits for the area, at a Town Hall Meeting hosted by the council.

The meeting is set for 8 p.m. at Rocky Hill Middle School, located at 22401 Brick Haven Way off Little Seneca Parkway west of Md. 355.

Topping the list of concerns is likely to be controversial recommendations for limits on development to protect parts of fragile Ten Mile Creek.

Five of the council members and County Executive Isiah Leggett have recommended a 6 percent cap on paving on the Pulte Homes site west of Interstate 270 and a 15 percent cap on the Miles-Coppola site east of I-270.

The full nine-member council is scheduled to take a straw vote on March 4 about the caps. The caps are intended to limit the amount of building allowed in the watershed, which drains into Little Seneca Lake, a back-up water supply for the region

So far many of the most outspoken groups in the battle over limits have been developers and environmentalists who live outside the area.

The Clarksburg Chamber of Commerce is petitioning the council to delay the vote until Clarksburg residents learn more about the cap proposal.

Chamber President David Stein, who runs a blog serving more than 400 households in Clarksburg Village, argues that development is needed to generate the people that developers need to justify completing the build-out of Clarksburg with roads, sewers, stores, public facilities and other amenities.

Stein said he wants people who live in Clarksburg to weigh in on the issue, not just activists and council members who live elsewhere.

“I want to bring the issue to more people and get new faces involved,” Stein said Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Liveable Clarksburg Coalition is pressing the council to cast its straw vote on March 4 so that things can move forward toward a final vote to amend the 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan.

The coalition supported the approval given to developers of the Cabin Branch area, who plan to build a Premium fashion outlet center and stores.

“The compromise solution is fair to developers and property owners, provides much greater protection to Ten Mile Creek than developer proposals, and will complement the build out of services and amenities in the Town Center of Clarksburg, according to a statement released by the coalition on Monday.