Fuming over air pollution -- Gazette.Net


In “Rising Stars,” [Opinion, Feb. 12] Blair Lee states that, “Despite Maryland’s punitive environmental efforts against state businesses, it turns out that 70 percent of Maryland’s air pollution comes from upwind states beyond Maryland’s control.”

Putting aside the accuracy of the 70 percent claim, if Lee had noted that nearly half of Maryland’s coal-fired power plants are among the worst emitters on the East Coast of sulfur dioxide, a toxic gas that causes respiratory disease and aggravates heart disease, or that a state-approved incinerator in south Baltimore is permitted to emit 1,000 pounds of highly toxic lead into the air, he might has chosen a word other than “punitive” to describe Maryland’s efforts to address air pollution.

Maryland’s made progress, but more can be done here at home.

Tim Whitehouse, Poolesville

The writer is director of Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility in Baltimore.