Video game orchestra plans open rehearsal in Rockville -- Gazette.Net


The Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra, which draws its repertoire entirely from video game soundtracks, is inviting the public to play with its musicians for a second time.

The open-house rehearsal will be held at 7:15 p.m. Feb. 27 in Rockville. The rehearsal is free and open to all instrumentalists and singers age 18 and older. Those interested should register by Thursday at for directions to the rehearsal site and access to sheet music.

“The open rehearsal we held in December was great fun, for us and for our guests,” Nigel Horne, the ensemble’s music director, said in a statement. “Right away, we knew that we all wanted a reprise.”

The 40-member orchestra, which began in August, is the first-ever community-level ensemble of its type, according to a statement from spokesman Robert Garner. By performing works from Mario and Sonic instead of Mozart and Schumann, it hopes to draw new audiences and musicians to video game music and orchestral concert halls in general.

Popularized by professional touring concerts such as Video Games Live! and Nintendo’s Symphony of the Goddesses, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Best Video Game Music” album, orchestral performances of video game music have gained significant ground in recent years. About a dozen high school and college-level ensembles devoted to the emerging genre exist nationwide.

For more information on the rehearsal, including directions and sheet music, contact Ayla Hurley at