Laurel installs disposal for unused medications -- Gazette.Net


The city of Laurel has installed a disposal box for unused and expired medications at the Laurel Police Department, which will be available to residents 24 hours a day.

Laurel Police Chief Richard McLaughlin said in a statement that the MedReturn Drug Collection Unit is “a safe and reliable way to dispose of the unwanted, unneeded or expired medications. This keeps them out of our water, landfills and, most importantly, children’s reach.”

Laurel-area residents participated in the National Drug Enforcement Agency’s drug “Take Back” day in May and turned in thousands of pounds of medication, according to Laurel Mayor Craig Moe.

“With the permanent drop boxes now available, area residents will not have to wait for a certain day, but rather can dispose of unwanted drugs at any time,” Moe said in a statement. “The Laurel Police Department has been working to provide residents an easy way to keep their homes safe and unwanted medicine out of their cabinets.”

For more information, contact Laurel police at 301-498-0092.