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A judge ordered Friday that a Great Mills woman remain in custody in lieu of $3,000 bond on charging papers alleging she threw something the day before at her father, striking him in the face, and also threatened him with a knife.

Nichole Corine Underwood, 23, was charged Thursday with attempting to commit a first-degree assault on Daniel Bernard Underwood, who court papers state had a cut over his right eye and blood running down the side of his face when law officers arrived at the residence off Flat Iron Road.

After throwing something at her father, the suspect also began smacking him in the face with her hands, charging papers allege, and he began to walk away from her.

“When he turned around to see what she was doing, she was holding a large butcher knife, and placed it against his throat and threatened to cut him,” St. Mary’s sheriff’ deputy Timothy White wrote in a statement of probable cause. “The victim advised he was in fear for his life and safety, so he pushed the defendant [aside] to get to the bedroom, locked himself in and called the police.”

The father told police that he earlier had gotten into an argument with his daughter about coffee creamer, according to court papers.