This week’s roundup: severely disabled kids are learning in a new way, new state regulations are adding more discretion to some school administrator’s discipline decisions, and hockey makes a bid for varsity.

1. Montgomery County Public Schools’ new curriculum has reached severely disabled elementary students this school year.

2. New state regulations will give county school administrators the chance to use more discretion when it comes to deciding how to discipline a student involved in a major offenses.

3. A young hockey player started a petition to make hockey an official Montgomery County Public Schools varsity sport.

4. Cameras on county school buses have caught 10 drivers illegally passing the buses during a roughly 30-day period.

5. The Washington Post reported that 22 superintendents around the state signed a statement that asks for more time and resources to help them implement new reforms.

6. Maryland History Day students and teachers were honored at sessions of the state Senate and House.

7. Several young Rockville students got the chance to design cars.

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