Gaithersburg plans tree plantings to improve stream water quality -- Gazette.Net


New trees will be popping up throughout Gaithersburg as the city continues its work to clean the water in local streams.

Adam Newhart, the city’s public works operations administrator, led a community meeting Thursday at Rachel Carson Elementary to discuss plans to plant trees at three new sites in the city.

“We provided maps and locations of the trees at the meeting,” he said.

The tree plantings are all part of a larger project stemming from a $71,628 grant from the governor’s Stream Restoration Challenge awarded to Gaithersburg and the Audubon Naturalist Society. Five acres of trees at 11 sites, mostly within the Muddy Branch Watershed, will be planted by fall to improve water quality.

Tree roots help absorb ground water and filter it before it runs off into the stream, making it cleaner, according to Newhart.

Gaithersburg expects to plant 45 trees at Blohm Park, 45 trees at Lake Varuna and 120 trees at Green Park.

Tentative dates for the plantings are the week of Feb. 24, the week of March 24 and the week of April 14, respectively.

Sites and locations of the trees were chosen specifically because of their conditions.

“We are trying to target areas that have more water flow,” Newhart said.

Various types of trees will be used at the three spots, including redbud, pin oak and white oak.