County getting ambulance reimbursements -- Gazette.Net


Montgomery County has been collecting ambulance reimbursements from insurance companies and the federal government since early this year, according to county spokesman Patrick Lacefield.

The county reinstituted its ambulance fees in 2012, but had been unable to collect the money for more than three months because of issues resolving paperwork between the county and the federal government.

The county received more than $3.4 million from the reimbursement program in fiscal 2013, according to a county staff memorandum.

The fee is projected to bring in $17.6 million in revenues for fiscal 2014.

Under an agreement forged by County Executive Isiah Leggett (D), 15 percent of the money will go to the county’s volunteer fire companies after they had expressed concern that residents may be less likely to donate if the companies were already getting reimbursed for their services.

The volunteer companies are projected to get $2.4 million in fiscal 2014, according to the county memo.