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The Catholic Diocese of Arlington announced Thursday it’s pursuing the relocation of one of its high schools, Fairfax-based Paul VI Catholic, to South Riding in southeastern Loudoun County.

LCPS would not be involved in running the school.

Loudoun County Supervisor Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles) feels it would be a positive additional option for county families.

“I welcome news that Paul VI High School may relocate to South Riding in the coming years. As a product of a Catholic high school myself, I am strong believer in Catholic education,” Letourneau said. “Paul VI would provide Loudoun residents with a high-quality educational opportunity and would be a valuable addition to our community. The construction of Paul VI could also bring some relief to Loudoun’s high schools, which face continued strains due to a growing student population.”

According to the Diocese of Arlington news release, the process hinges on the detailed assessment of the logistical, legal and financial challenges intrinsic to the proposed relocation of Paul VI. A relocation would not be expected before the year 2020.

The new complex would replace Paul VI’s Fairfax City campus and be built on property currently owned by the diocese, with facilities to accommodate academic and faith enrichment programs, learning centers, extracurricular activities and athletics. The decision to pursue relocation follows an assessment of the long-term needs of the school, which was aimed at strengthening Catholic education both for Paul VI students and at all diocesan high schools in Northern Virginia.

Superintendent of Schools for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington Sister Bernadette McManigal said, “Paul VI High School is an outstanding Catholic high school with a national reputation for academics. The school is attracting more students and Paul VI’s academic programs are expanding. After looking at all the options available for Paul VI Catholic High School, we have decided to pursue relocating to Loudoun County. A new PVI campus would be a larger, state-of-the art school facility that would further strengthen its heritage as a leading Catholic high school.”

Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde noted in the press release that “the pursuit of a new campus for PVI in Loudoun County will serve to propel its tradition of delivering Catholic education at the highest level of excellence for generations to come.”

Paul VI Catholic High School was established in 1983 and was named to the Catholic High School Honor Roll’s Top 50 list last year.