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Joseph Baldi Acosta of Olney has written a book of poetry titled “Welcome to My Life in Metaphor,” based on his life experiences and views of life, death and everything in between.

Acosta, 70, says the book includes a wide range of experiences and poetic forms.

“I have had the good fortune to lead a fascinating life with my fair share of hardship,” he said. “I grew up in a Spanish-speaking environment, with an English-speaking father, so I grew up in two distinctive worlds and perceived the fears towards those who were different.”

His experiences, gathered through traveling around the world, contributed to poetry. In addition to his heritage, Acosta’s poetry explores social criticism, such as the condemnation of pedophilia and hypocrisy within the Catholic church, and Americans’ glorification and acceptance of gun violence.

“I hope the readers find it interesting and thought-provoking,” said Acosta. “I hope they look through a different prism.”

Acosta was awarded Montgomery College’s 2010 Ventura Valdez English Poetry Award for “Curandero of Juarez (A Childhood Memory)” and the 2013 Ventura Valdez English Poetry Award for “The Limited.” In addition, he was a finalist in the Gival Press 2011 ArLiJo Poetry Competition, for his poem, “The End and the Beginning.”

“Welcome to My Life in Metaphor” is available directly from the publisher at www.authorhouse.com, or through retailers.

Olney poet has book published