Eric Luedtke seeks re-election in House of Delegates -- Gazette.Net


For Eric G. Luedtke, working as a Montgomery County Public Schools teacher isn’t enough. In fact, it is what inspires him in his role as a state delegate, to bring improvements to the school system and other county services.

Luedtke, 32, a Democrat from Burtonsville, is completing his first term in the House of Delegates for District 14. He, along with fellow incumbent District 14 legislators Sen. Karen S. Montgomery (D) of Brookeville, Del. Anne R. Kaiser (D) of Calverton, and Del. Craig J. Zucker (D) of Brookeville formed the District 14 Team slate, and filed for re-election on April 9.

As a middle school social studies teacher, Luedtke’s main priority is education.

“Public schools are the foundation of our quality of life in Montgomery County, and Maryland remains number one in education, but we can and should do better,” he said. “We need to reform and increase school construction funding from the state to address the mounting capacity crisis in Montgomery County schools. We need to provide universal pre-K, so all children have equal opportunity to get high quality early instruction. And we need to continue to seek reforms in special education that will improve the quality of services to students with special needs.”

Luedtke also recognizes that each community within District 14 has its own local needs and interests, and said he believes that responding to those needs are among the most important responsibilities of his job as delegate.

“For example, in Burtonsville and Fairland, one of the biggest issues is the expansion of job opportunities and restoration of Burtonsville’s commercial core,” he said. “We passed a tax credit to help with that, and secured transportation funding that will [help] in the future, but there is more work to be done.”

Luedtke also plans to continue to work toward protecting the county’s rich agricultural heritage and environment.

“These two go hand in hand — Montgomery County’s farmers are among the best stewards of the land, and ensuring that those farmers can make a decent living will help maintain open space,” he said. “Supporting farm-to-school programs and farmers markets help farmers find new markets for their crops and benefit the community more broadly.”

Embracing the “team approach,” Luedtke said he and his District 14 colleagues are running strong as a team and will have the financial resources they need to win.

John P. Evans (D) of Gaithersburg is currently the only opponent who has filed to challenge the incumbent District 14 delegates.

The primary election will take place on June 24, and the general election on Nov. 4. District 14 includes the northeastern portion of the county, including Fairland, Burtonsville, Colesville, Ashton, Sandy Spring, Olney, Brookeville, Laytonsville, and Damascus.

Luedtke and his wife Emily have a 5-year-old son, Colin.