Grateful and hopeful after Bowie campaign -- Gazette.Net


My congratulations go to Mayor Robinson on his overwhelming re-election to an eighth term in office.

Let me thank Bowie voters, my friends and neighbors who cast their votes and let their voices be heard. I get my encouragement on the streets, and I appreciated all the honks, waves and thumbs up. I didn’t have to put my name on the ballot, but I felt it was important for Bowie to have a citywide contested election so I did this as a public service. We ran the campaign on passion, used old signs leftover from my two mayoral campaigns in the 1990s and spent less than $100 on the campaign.

I had lots of fun on the streets, and I find myself grateful, hopeful and thankful. I now return to my private life. Thank you, and again my hat’s off to Mayor Robinson.

Richard A. Dahms, Bowie