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Greenbelt voters returned all the at-large council incumbents to office, with current Mayor Pro Tem Emmett V. Jordan edging out incumbent Mayor Judith “J” Davis for most number of votes.

The Greenbelt City Council will vote to elect the mayor and mayor pro tem from amongst their number Monday evening.

Although traditionally the council has voted the highest vote-getter mayor and the second-highest vote-getter mayor pro tem, this is not a requirement.

If the council does follow tradition, Jordan would be the city’s first black mayor, in addition to being its first black council member.

In addition to Jordan, who received 1,476 votes, and Davis, who received 1,368 votes, Rodney Roberts received 1,300 votes, Konrad Herling received 1,223 votes, Leta Mach received 1,214 votes, Edward Putens received 1,164 votes and Silke Pope received 1,171 votes.

First-time candidate Susan Stewart received 992 votes while William “Bill” Orleans received 317 votes in his second bid for council.

A total of 1,917 voters cast ballots, 14.6 percent of Greenbelt’s 13,113 registered voters.