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Doug Gansler fumbles response to teen party

Whether Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler (D) acted appropriately as a parent in the well-publicized events related to his son’s “senior week” at Bethany Beach is beyond ken. But it’s clear that as Maryland’s top law enforcement officer he fell woefully short....

It is hard to see how Mr. Gansler could not have realized what was going on around him; the reasonable conclusion is that he condoned, if not enabled, the behavior. Beach week is notorious for underage drinking; Mr. Gansler had helped explain house rules for the teens that, while forbidding hard liquor and drugs, was noticeably silent about beer and wine. And, as he sheepishly acknowledged Thursday, the contents of those conspicuous red plastic cups held by the teenage party-goers “could be Kool-Aid . . . but there’s probably beer.”

While many parents may tolerate such behavior, in Mr. Gansler’s case the hypocrisy is blatant. He took an oath to uphold the law. He has publicly advocated against underage drinking, including taping a video in which he lectured parents that “you’re the leading influence on your teen’s decision not to drink.”....