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I was delighted to see your endorsement of Mark Pierzchala and Team Rockville [“For Team Rockville,” editorial, Oct. 23], as I too support these strong candidates for mayor and council. I want to add a few words about Tom Moore and my experience with him in regard to constituent service.

Although I did not know him, after he won the last election I emailed him asking whether we could discuss some issues regarding people with disabilities. As a longtime parent advocate, I have concerns about the availability of affordable housing for people like my daughter. At Tom’s invitation, we met for breakfast.

Some months later, I got an email from Tom saying, “Call me.” It had occurred to him that if the city were to put money into the Rockville Housing Enterprises purchase of Fireside Apartments, the mayor and council could require a few set-asides for people with disabilities.

As you can imagine, I was elated! Thanks to Tom for this wonderful idea and to Tom and Mark, as well as John Hall, for supporting the project. An important measure of a society is, after all, how it takes care of its most vulnerable citizens.

Joyce Lipman, Rockville