Richard Montgomery student wins environmental award -- Gazette.Net


Jessica Li, a senior at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, won the inaugural Next Generation Award, one of the 2013 Maryland Clean Energy Awards, at the Maryland Clean Energy Summit on Oct. 15 and 16.

As president of the school’s Environmental Awareness Club, Li organized Friday afternoon energy shutdowns during which students go around the school turning off lights, printers, computers and monitors. She has organized presentations during first-period classes on energy conservation and alternative energy, coordinated a T-shirt design contest, an energy-focused “Jeopardy!” game, a “Watt’s Up” poster contest and a “Why Use Alternative Energy” essay contest to boost awareness of energy issues.

For the past two years, Li has given presentations at Rockville Science Day on the benefits of energy conservation at home. She also was invited to present her research on wood batteries at the 2012 USA Science and Engineering Fair and has worked with the county’s School Energy and Recycling Team program to advance effective, local strategies that schools can use to reduce energy consumption.

The Clean Energy Awards recognize individuals, companies and organizations that have demonstrated leadership, partnership, advocacy and entrepreneurism in a distinct commitment to advancing clean energy, energy efficiency and job creation, Kathy Magruder, executive drector of the Maryland Clean Energy Center, said in a statement.

“When I read the nomination for Jessica Li, I felt as though there is hope for the planet with remarkable young people like her coming up in the world,” Magruder wrote.