Thieves steal ATM from Riverdale CVS -- Gazette.Net


At least three people broke into a Riverdale Park CVS Wednesday morning and stole an ATM that was bolted to the floor.

Riverdale Park Police responded at 3:35 a.m. Wednesday to the CVS in the 5700 block of Riverdale Road and found that the store’s door had been pried open with some sort of tool and the floor-mounted ATM was slid out of the building, said Lt. Robert Turner, Riverdale Park police officer. Officers are looking for at least three people and they don’t know how the thieves were able to remove the ATM from the floor since it is bolted down, Turner said.

“It wasn’t a wall-mounted ATM like you see at a bank,” Turner said. “But the bottom is heavy like a safe.”

Riverdale Park Police are still pulling video footage from the store’s security system and continuing the investigation.