Fort Washington elementary students get ID cards. -- Gazette.Net


Seventy-three Indian Queen Elementary School students participated Sept. 26 in the Fort Washington school’s Ident-A-Kid event, where parents registered their students to have identification cards created, Principal Aundrea McCall said.

She said the turnout was surprising, and she thought there was an interest in the program due to so many recent tragedies. The card can be helpful for parents if their child is lost or stolen and the police need a child’s information quickly. It’s also a cheaper alternative than a passport, McCall said. The card has the child’s fingerprint, photo, physical information and address. The cards cost $8 for one or $12 for two plus an emailed version of the card, she said.

“Just given all the stuff that is happening in society, parents are scared their children might get lost or taken,” McCall said.

The ID given to parents at the event is recognized by the United States Social Security Administration as a second or third identification card, according to the Ident-A-Kid Services of America website.