Landover seminar to teach seniors self-defense -- Gazette.Net


Seniors can learn how to protect themselves from scam artists and thieves during a free self-defense seminar held on Saturday in Landover.

The free event takes place from 12:30 to 2 p.m. at the Prince George’s County Police Headquarters, 7600 Barlowe Road in Landover, and will feature training from Clifford Thomas, a self-defense expert who has a doctorate in martial arts studies. Thomas said he will be teaching “street smarts” seniors can use to identify scam artists and protect themselves from thieves on the street. These defense methods can be used by any senior since physical exertion is not required, Thomas said.

“When you retire you are part of the street,” he said. “When they leave this seminar they will be 10 times smarter than they were when they came in.”

The seminar will have skits of scenarios ranging from people pretending to be Comcast representatives to someone’s own grandchildren stealing from them, Thomas said. It is about educating people to protect themselves, he said.