Ability to walk doesn’t equal inability to use handicap spaces -- Gazette.Net


Acquiring a handicap parking permit is not simple or easy. A physician must submit authorization documentation to the Motor Vehicle Administration verifying a medical necessity for a permit. It is illegal to leave it hanging in your vehicle, though many do. No one wants to be disabled and many refuse to use the carts in stores, though they should. Because someone can ambulate does not mean they are not handicapped.

Unless you are a physician, Ms. Ferebee, and know the medical history of those who appear healthy because you see them walking, you are addressing their right to park in a handicap space out of total ignorance [“Leave parking spaces for those who truly need them,” Letters to the Editor, Sept. 5]. Their handicap could be related to heart/lung issues, cancer, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, among many disabling conditions. You have no idea how much pain that person is living with or the effort it may require for them to appear to be like the rest of us. The only folks who should not occupy those spaces are those who do not have a handicap permit or are not handicapped, but are using a vehicle that belongs to a friend or relative who is handicapped. All disabilities are not immediately evident to casual observers.

Save your indignation for something worthy of the emotional investment you appear to have placed in this matter. Everyone who appears to be lazy, in your estimation, is not, I assure you.

John Moore, Bowie