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What is happening to our society?

I am so ashamed of the people who drove by a mother with two small children and a small baby in the car. I stopped to help. It was so hot, there was no air conditioning in the car and the lady had no cell phone. I saw that I was going to have to push the car out of the road. I flagged down a man who looked at us, and I asked if he could help. He replied, “I can’t, really.” The lady and I pushed her car off the main road while people drove by us, but never stopped. Karma will do its thing.

People today have no heart or compassion for others anymore. How could you ride by and see little kids broken down, and do nothing? I rode by and could clearly see them. I immediately backed up to help her out.

I hope you were not one of those heartless people who just kept looking and driving by. One day you may be in that position and no one will stop to help you out.

Lisa Davis, Waldorf