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The county is proposing serious cuts to the library system, particularly in Reston.

But today libraries have to think much more radically to stay in “business.” There has to be fresh thinking.

1. There should be a charge for new 14-day loan books. If someone can’t wait until those books go into the regular stacks, then pay for it with a $1 or $1.50. [It’s] still a lot cheaper than buying the book and if you can’t afford it, then wait.

2. Digital downloads. Of course this is the way of the future, but not everyone can afford an iPad or a Kindle, etc. There should be a nominal charge for digital downloads of books/audiobooks. Twenty-five cents per download is not exorbitant considering how much was paid for the device.

Of course this would mean renegotiating the digital deals with publishers, but I don’t think a nominal charge would upset them.

3. Late fees. People have to be more responsible. I rack up late fees because they are so minimal. Double them and maybe people will think twice about keeping the books out so long.

Bruce Kirschenbaum, Reston