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We were very disturbed by Blair Lee’s recent column (“2014 Is About Race and Place”, May 17) about Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown launching his campaign for governor. It’s clear that rather than attending, reading and watching the speech of Brown’s announcement, Mr. Lee presented his own distorted world view as fact and resorted to what is essentially race baiting.

— Sen. Rob Garagiola

— Sen. Nancy King

Dear Senators,

I was upset when I first read your letter because I thought you might be serious. But, then, when you offered no examples of my alleged “race baiting,” I realized you were simply currying favor with the administration, the Montgomery delegation’s customary pastime in Annapolis.

Actually, I watched a tape of Brown’s announcement speech and drew the same conclusions as Washington Post reporter John Wagner and Attorney General Doug Gansler — Brown’s “disparities” pitch is aimed at this fellow African-American voters.

Why is telling that obvious truth “race baiting”?

When political columnist Josh Kurtz recently wrote, “It’s tough being a white male in Democratic politics these days. ... Is that a real trend, something (governor) O’Malley ... and white males everywhere need to worry about at every level of Democratic politics?”, was that “race baiting”? Did you write Kurtz a nasty letter?

When Rev. Jesse Jackson said this week that, “The Tea Party is the resurrection of the Confederacy” was that “race baiting”? Did you write Jackson, too?

When The Baltimore Sun editorialized that Bob Ehrlich’s running mate, Mike Steele, “brings nothing to the ticket but the color of his skin”, was that “race baiting”? Did you write the Sun?

And when the Race Baiter In Chief, Barack Obama, recklessly injected race into an ongoing murder jury trial, saying, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin,” did you drop him a nasty note?

Of course not. Your selective outrage is pure politics posing as righteous indignation.

— Blair

Mr. Lee,

Thank you for stating the obvious in Friday’s Gazette. As I talk to those in my community, I get the impression they are fearful of uttering the word “race,” afraid they will be labeled a racist, persecuted and totally destroyed by the liberal media.

— Matthew Quinn

Mr. Quinn,

Yes, I know what you mean (see above).

— Blair


I’m responding to Blair Lee’s column [“Maryland’s Environmental Austerity,” Aug. 9], but first I would like to state that I am a scientist in the field of atmospheric sciences. I have dealt with weather and climate issues for over 30 years.

Climate change is an established fact. Global warming also is an established fact. The problem with the so-called “green environmentalists” is that they would like to give credit to carbon dioxide as the cause. (But) changes in carbon dioxide amounts in the atmosphere FOLLOW changes in temperature, not the other way around.

So, what are the drivers of global climate change? In order, energy output of the sun, variations of the earth’s orbit around the sun and the tilt of the earth’s axis. When the earth’s axis tilt increases to near 24 degrees, it increases the amount of solar radiation reaching the Arctic and Antarctic ice masses, along with the glaciers in between.

When the earth’s orbit moves farther from the sun, cooling will increase (followed by a decrease in CO2 levels despite increased use of fossil fuels).

But what about the government’s plans to control energy production? They are based on political science, not physical science, and they will have no measurable effect on climate change.

These programs tend to be wealth transfer programs. They will take wealth from all, but will have the greatest detrimental effect on the poor, who will have to pay higher costs for energy. This allows the government to raid wealthier taxpayers on the guise of helping the poor. Forcing the poor and middle class to give energy grants for systems that are too expensive amounts to a “war on the poor.”

— MD Continental

Dear MD Continental,

Thanks for the fascinating email, but you are ruining a perfectly good national panic attack. Don’t you realize that most scientists agree that the world is doomed? Of course, it wasn’t that many centuries ago that most scientists also agreed that the world was flat.

— Blair

Hi Blair,

I just wanted to share something with you. Over the years, Kathy and I have supported certain charities which we feel really, truly help those in need. One of our favorites has been the food pantry at St. Clement Mary Hofbauer Catholic Church in Rosedale, Md.

This parish does incredible things to help the poorest of the poor. Well, they just found out that the new “rain tax” is going to really hurt. Here are the figures: FY2014: sewer service, $5,115; Bay restoration, $720; stormwater fee, $1,691. Total: $7,526.

This $5,366 increase will hurt a lot of people in real need.

— Tom Baldwin


Tough luck. Reducing Bay pollution is our top priority no matter how much it costs or how many people it hurts. Consider yourself lucky that we don’t shut down your impervious surfaced church and turn it into a rain garden.

Stop being so selfish and get with the program.

— Blair