$10K raised for Frederick bakery manager who had stroke in Mexico -- Gazette.Net


Most customers balk at an increase in a store’s prices, but they stood in long lines waiting this week to spend up to $100 for a cupcake to help the owners of Frederick’s Angelcakes bakery defray some unexpected medical expenses.

Jon and Lindell “Lindy” Angel, a Frederick County assistant state’s attorney, were on vacation in Mexico last week when Jon Angel had a stroke and required emergency surgery, according to bakery employee Margie Williams.

After the successful surgery, Angel — who was Frederick’s budget director until 2008 and now manages the bakery — required special medical transport back to Maryland for rehabilitation and care, Williams said.

Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith (R) said the event at the Church Street bakery was a tremendous success, and raised more than $10,000 to help cover the costs of the flight and medical care.

Smith, who didn’t know the exact cost of the transport, said he was amazed at the outpouring of support from the community.

“It was pretty incredible,” Smith said. “You had attorneys, and people who had just knew them from buying cupcakes. There were people walking in that looked like they were 15 and 16 [years old], and people who looked like they were retired. It was really pretty tremendous watching all these people come through one after another.”

He said the couple returned to Maryland Wednesday night, and that Jon was receiving treatment in Baltimore. He is still unable to speak, but recovering, according to Smith.

“I know Lindy is really glad to be back in a different health care system [and] able to speak to people now about Jon’s condition,” Smith said. “There was somewhat of a language barrier in Mexico [that] was stressful for her.”

A steady stream of people entered the bakery for the seven hours the store was open, Williams said.

“Some people were donating $100,” she said. “Some less, some people more ... Some people didn’t even know Lindy and Jon, and said, ‘We saw the fliers and wanted to help, too.’”

The organizers had well-wishers sign a book that they planned to give the Angels. Further fund-raisers would be held to help defray the costs of Jon’s ongoing medical care, Smith said.

“It was really a tremendous thing to experience personally, seeing these people come through,” he said. “And the fact that it raised over $10,000 — it’s beyond words really.”

Lindell Angel, who was unavailable for comment, posted a thank you to the donors on the store’s Facebook page on Thursday.

“With the deepest of appreciation and love, I want to thank everyone for the kindness and caring you have shown to Jon and our family,” she wrote. “I am overwhelmed at the community response in our personal moment of need and will forever remember everyone’s graciousness and generosity. We are indeed fortunate. Love, Lindy and Jon.”