‘Follow the money’ in Hyattsville sidewalk plan -- Gazette.Net


My family and I have lived in the same house in Hyattsville, Rosemary Terrace, since 1988. We moved there when my daughter was young and ghosts and goblins still roamed her world. As we grew older, the glorious trees that lined our streets blossomed and grew tall and wonderful. Away from Hyattsville proper, our small subdivision, about 90 homes, was virginal. We didn’t have sidewalks, we didn’t ask for sidewalks, and we didn’t want sidewalks.

Now, the city of Hyattsville, the city of trees, is trying to take away these beautiful edifices to nature and give us miles and miles of concrete sidewalks and skinned knees.

I have always said, “Follow the money,” whenever someone in government comes up with a brilliant idea from thin air that no one seems to want. I also always find that when the true facts come out, someone other than taxpayers want the sidewalks, but not the bills. Buying yards of concrete is expensive, not to mention cutting down mature trees that oxygenated the air for 20 or 30 years. The trees that won’t come down will more than likely die because their root systems will be torn out to accommodate the sidewalks.

At a public meeting, I kept asking how much the project will cost and how we will pay the bill. Hyattsville Mayor (Marc) Tartaro didn’t seem to have a solid answer for either question. Apparently, we aren’t raising taxes or borrowing money, nor is there money allocated at the county or state levels for the project, that I can find. After all, we pay our home mortgages, maintenance, improvements and very high city taxes for declining services, not Hyattsville. Why should we be asked what happens to our property or how much debt we are willing to fund?

I will go to other public meetings and express my wishes. I encourage other city residents to do the same. I also will search the gutters for the money trail.

Judy Robinson, Hyattsville