Hoping for prudent spending decisions from state leaders -- Gazette.Net


As Gov. (Martin) O’Malley prepares to embark on a run for president in 2016, I urge our legislators to be very cautious of spending legislation just to shore up his liberal resume.

We do not need a special $100,000 study on hydraulic fracturing to produce natural gas, as there is over 60 years worth of actual data available. Former Gov. (Ed) Rendell of Pennsylvania has been quoted on the environmentally safe process in that state, which has resulted in over $1.2 billion earned by landowners in the past few years.

Wind farms off the coast of Ocean City are an environmental nightmare and a direct cost added to every electric bill. It harms wildlife, it will be a hazard to mariners, and no study has been done as it pertains to the marine life in that area.

Lawmakers are considering a bill to triple the number of signatures required before a referendum can be placed on the ballot to let the electorate decide, as three of their bills last year were challenged at the voting booth. One party lock on all branches of government is never healthy.

Robert West, Bowie