Our leaders are fumbling immigration -- Gazette.Net


I read “The drive to succeed” (Feb. 20) torn between an appreciation for the enterprise of the Torreblanca family and dismay that this was done in defiance of U.S. laws.

The immigrant story is an honored tradition; however, our news outlets mainly focus on illegal immigrants. Few stories appear on legal immigrants and none on the negative effect of the tsunami of illegal migrants. The enormity of the problem is ignored: no stories of schools dealing with an extra 1.1 million children, medical facilities hit with unrecoverable costs, social services overburdened and wages depressed.

“Jobs, jobs, jobs” is trumpeted, but no one asks if accepting 1 million legal immigrants every year is a good idea, much less adopting 11-15 million illegal migrants — a population larger than most countries. We stumble ahead with the fuzzy notion that illegal immigration is a human rights issue rather than one of national self-determination and rule of law.

The 1986 amnesty of 3 million was supposed to end the problem and now is proposed again. We fear the “American Dream” is out of reach for the 23 million Americans seeking jobs and then create a “Dream Act” that awards 1.2 million work permits.

Immigration is essential, but our leadership repeatedly fumbles it. Shouldn’t “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for our citizens be our priority — with an immigration policy that helps all reach these goals? Congratulations to the Torreblancas for achieving the American Dream; hopefully we can make it come true for all Americans.

Will Shaw, Derwood