Clarksburg will remember -- Gazette.Net


Mr. Duncan, Clarksburg! Remember? We have not forgotten. Clarksburg will never forget how you, Mr. Duncan, abandoned our community and sold out to the developers and their lobby.

The Clarksburg development was started under your watch, Mr. Duncan.

Clarksburg is still suffering from the mess your administration created here. Town Center? No! What you left Clarksburg, Mr. Duncan, was a poorly planned community, with little infrastructure, unfinished roads, overcrowded schools and broken commitments from you and your developer friends.

You never had the nerve to meet with the citizens of the Clarksburg community when we were 2,000. Clarksburg now must be about 25,000? That’s a lot of votes Mr. Duncan.

The informed citizens of Clarksburg and this county don’t need or want you back as Montgomery County Executive, though I’m sure the developers would love it.

Bernie Keller, Clarksburg